What the Windbreak?

The Tally

South Africans, hands up those who know what a windbreak is! Also known as a windshield or windscreen (not the type made for cars, although they have a similar function!). My hypothesis is that the number of people putting up a hand is less than the number of people who think the South African Government is not, for the most part at least, to blame for the #FeesMustFall crisis, or is it a revolution? Politics aside, South Africans have been missing out and here’s why.

An Education


If you grew up in Europe (most certainly if you grew up in the UK) and definitely if you grew up in Namibia, you will have spent many a breezy day on the beach behind a windbreak. Why this age-old phenomenon has not caught on in South Africa remains a mystery but, alas, we are here to end this mystery!

We are sure that some of you are saying “Ja, but who wants to be on the beach when it’s blowing a gale anyway, hey boet?” We agree! Windbreaks are not made for gale force swirling winds (unless you want to try and completely wrap a circle around yourself!). Windbreaks are made for those days when you get to the beach, settle down, start reading your book and a slight breeze picks up. Ok, it ‘s only a slight breeze, but then it gets a little more windy, and chilly, and sand ends up in your book, on your towel, in your ears, in your beach bag (not in the waterproof pouch, of course), in your hair, in your eyes – you get the point. Don’t leave the beach – the sun is still shining and the water is still refreshing (or icy if you're Chilling Winstan along the Atlantic Seaboard)! Rather, unroll your wonderfully colourful windbreak, knock a few poles into the sand and, VOILA, shelter.

The Future

Imagine a breezy beach, previously only dotted with a few tough pieces of biltong and surfers' WAGS, bursting with colourful umbrellas, bright windbreaks, vibrant bags, perky beach bats and happy people Chilling Winstan, making the most of the beach and summer!

That’s what were here for – to help you LOVE SUMMER. MORE.