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What the Windbreak?

The Tally South Africans, hands up those who know what a windbreak is! Also known as a windshield or windscreen (not the type made for cars, although they have a similar function!). My hypothesis is that the number of people putting up a hand is less than the number of people who think the South African Government is not, for the most part at least, to blame for the #FeesMustFall crisis, or is it a revolution? Politics aside, South Africans have been missing out and here’s why. An Education If you grew up in Europe (most certainly if you grew up in the UK) and definitely if you grew up in Namibia, you will have spent many a breezy day...

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7 or so habits of people who need to Chill Winstan a little more

Brooke McAlary in her Epheriell Designs blog “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective and Chilled Out People” (http://epherielldesigns.com/the-seven-habits-of-highly-effective-and-chilled-out-people) terms highly effective and chilled out people as “HECOs”. In line with this naming convention, we will aptly call people who need to Chill Winstan a little more “CWALMs”. As CWALMs are so easily identifiable and everybody (even the odd CWALM) can add to this list of habits (ranging from slight to outrageous), the first CWALM habit is the closed list habit (which, of course, is not a closed list!). CWALMs like to think of most things in life as a closed list, perhaps even finite. Just like a closed list of habits – 7, not 8 or 6, but 7. Note...

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